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Penguins                    Robins

Dear Families, 


Thank you for your ongoing support this term.  Lots of you attended the reading play and stay sessions in January/February and enjoyed engaging with your children in activities at nursery. 


Here are some of your evaluations:


“I have enjoyed watching my child play, knowing how much he loves nursery.  I loved seeing how excited he was to show me what he likes to do at school.”

“I enjoyed watching my child do role-play with his toys, (this porridge is too hot and blows).  I loved him also telling me about each story.”

“We enjoyed looking at my child’s workbook and seeing what she has achieved.  Listening to my child tell me about The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

For some more information about enjoying reading at home with your child you may find these links useful:

Please remember to ask myself or a member of the team if you have any questions,

Miss Berkeley