SEN Vision Statement

 To enable every child to experience success and reach their potential through, Quality First Teaching but also recognise that some children require further intervention to access learning, be inspired and bring education to life.

Aims We celebrate individual difference and foster values of mutual respect, preparing children for the diverse world in which we live and helping them reach their goals within it. We have high expectations for all of our children, wanting them to achieve their potential and celebrating the small steps they make on their journey.

● We aim to deliver a curriculum at our school that is personalised to the needs of each individual child, enabling them to benefit from a rich learning environment.

● We aim to enable each child to learn in their preferred style and give them opportunities outside of the classroom.

● We aim to listen and respond to the pupil and parental voice and engage all in discussions of how best to support a child.

● We aim to develop their social and emotional well-being as well as their academic attainment.


SEND 2016 - Rough Hay 

SEN Local offer 2016