We are following the new Walsall Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.  This is a new exciting curriculum that will promote children's creativity by:

  • Investigating religions and world views through varied experiences and disciplines;
  • reflecting on and expressing their own ideas and the ideas of others with increasing clarity;
  • being able to respond respectfully to different religions and world views

The Aims of this new curriculum are:

  • To know about and understand a range of religions and world views.
  • To express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact of religions and world views.
  • To gain and use the skills needed to engage seriously with religions and world views.

Take a look at what we will be studying in each year group

Year 1

  1. How do people celebrate? - Babies, weddings, birthdays.
  2. How do we say thank you for the Earth? -Cycles of the year, creation, harvest, giving thanks.
  3. Stories and prayers about Jesus.
  4. Beginning to learn from Sikhism.

Year 2

  1. A world of festivals - Who celebrates what and why?
  2. What does Easter mean to Christians? - Symbols of the story
  3. Beginning to learn from Islam.
  4. Questions that puzzle us.

Year 3

  1. Holy buildings and sacred space? - visiting places of worship.
  2. Why are holy books important?
  3. Why do people make pilgrimages?
  4. Jesus: why do some people think he is inspirational.

Year 4

  1. What is it like to be a Hindu?
  2. Muslim ways of living - Keeping 5 pillars
  3. Christian and Hindu beliefs and question's on life's journey.
  4. Finding reasons to care through religious stories - Christianity

Year 5

  1. Christian Aid and Islamic Relief - Can they change the World?
  2. Commitments and meaning - Hindu, Muslim, Christian
  3. Respect for all - What will make Walsall a more respectful place?
  4. Muslims and Christians - Who is inspiring?

Year 6

  1. Exploring key leaders - 
  2. What matters most? - Christians and Humanists
  3. What can we learn from religions about temptation?
  4. How do we express spiritual ideas through the arts?

In addition to this, all children will learn about the different festivals different religions celebrate at the time of year it is celebrated.